Otterbine Service Reminder:

As of now, many of you have removed your Otterbine from your pond or lake for winter storage.  We would like you to take a minute and consider the advantages of preventative maintenance for your Otterbine aerator.  A simple diagnostic check can ensure that you have a trouble-free season and maintain pure quality water management.

A typical check-up program consists of the following:

Bearing check – worn bearings can be replaced inexpensively before motor failure occurs

Electrical check – identifies weak motors and connectors while the aerator is out of the water, thus eliminating future failures during peak season

Oil change – recommended after the third running season, and every other year thereafter

The best way to maintain trouble-free operation and significantly increase the longevity of your Otterbine aerator is by utilizing periodic diagnostic checks.  Midwest Turf & Irrigation is an authorized service center, using only factory authorized parts. Our highly qualified service technicians will gladly assist you by performing the necessary maintenance and diagnostic services to help keep your Otterbine aerator running smoothly and efficiently.

Please call and let us set up an appointment today to ensure that you have a trouble-free operation for the coming season.

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